Genoa Township operates five developed parks, a community garden, a sledding hill and cross-country ski path, and an extensive trail network that serves as a portion of the over 300-mile Ohio to Erie Trail linking Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

Park Planning
2020 was a turning-point year for Genoa Township after voters approved a 3-year levy, beginning in 2021. The revenue stream provided funds dedicated solely to parks and trails. Simultaneously, a decrease in the police and fire levies resulted in no increase in millage.

Residents had expressed their desire for the new levy's funds to support the construction of pickleball facilities, renovation and replacement of playgrounds, and park restrooms. 

As of March 2023, Center Green Park is home to four fenced pickleball courts. New playground equipment has been installed at Freeman Park. New young children's equipment is expected to be installed at Hilmar Park by summer. Restrooms were added where there had been none at Hilmar Park and Worthington Gardens. 

Activities Map

In addition to Township parks, residents enjoy many recreational pursuits provided by partner entities including boating, golf, hiking, and more (see map below).

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