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To provide open spaces for gathering that serve as centerpoints of the community, fulfilling residents’ aspirations for health and enrichment.

Genoa Township operates five developed parks, a community garden, a sledding hill and cross-country ski path, and an extensive trail network that serves as a portion of the over 300-mile Ohio to Erie Trail linking Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

Frequently Asked Questions

Park Ownership

Why isn't Charmar listed as a Township Park?

Charmar is owned by Delaware County Preservation Parks, not Genoa Township. Similarly, Hoover Reservoir and surrounding parkland is owned by the City of Columbus and portions of Alum Creek State Park are managed by Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


Does fishing require a license?

Fishing at Hilmar Park and Center Green Park does not require a license; however these ponds are catch and release only

No Smoking

Can I smoke within Township parks?

Smoke can impact the health of fellow park users, especially the developing lungs of children. For this reason, smoking is not permitted. 


Are dogs allowed in all areas of Township parks?

  • Dogs must be kept under reasonable control on and off of the owner's property, including within Township park property. Reasonable control may be maintained with a leash or other means as described in Ohio Revised Code
  • Pick up any waste your pet leaves behind. Bags are provided within most Genoa Township parks.
  • If a dog, barking for more than 15 minutes, becomes a nuisance to neighbors a police officer may be dispatched. See Barking Dog Resolution.
  • Register dogs annually with the Delaware County Auditor.


How late are parks open?

Park hours are from dawn to dusk. 

Field Use

Can sport teams rent practice fields?

Advanced reservations are not accepted. Use of athletic fields are first-come, first-served.

Tree Species

What types of trees are permitted to be planted in Genoa Township?

Removal of dying street trees located within the Township right of way will be completed by the Maintenance Department upon request using the Right of Way Permit application; however, grinding of the stump is not provided.

The Township does not replace street trees. If the approved neighborhood development plan specified street trees would be planted, property owners are expected to plant a replacement. 

The Township maintains a list of recommended tree species. Check with the Development and Zoning Department and your homeowner's association (if applicable) to see if any further rules or restrictions apply.

Trail Use - Motorized Vehicles

Can I drive my golf cart or dirt bike on park trails?

For the safety of all users, no motorized vehicles are allowed on park trails with the exception of police and maintenance vehicles. 

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