Facility Rentals


Park shelter reservations are now open to Genoa Township residents. All reservations are required to be made online and paid via credit card (Visa , Mastercard, and Discover only). Walk-up reservations are no longer available. 

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  • Park Shelters are available for rent to Genoa Township residents only. Proof of residency in the form of a driver’s license is required.
  • Fees may be waived for eligible Genoa Township non-profit organizations, schools, and neighborhood groups. These reservations must be made by calling 614-568-2080. 
  • Each shelter is rented to only one party per day regardless of the length of time the facility is in use. 
  • Premises must be vacated at the scheduled time. Parks are open from dawn to dusk (displayed as 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. on the facility reservation calendar).
  • No alcoholic beverages or intoxicated persons are to be on Township property.
  • For-profit business meetings/events are not permitted at the facility.
  • The facility must be clean and returned to its previous condition, all refuse should be placed in containers provided by the Township; all trash and debris should be bagged and left in an orderly manner for pick-up.
  • The Township will be reimbursed for any damages to the facilities, building, and equipment.
  • Do not attach decorations, posters, signs, or similar items to the facility in a manner that damages paint, wood or Township property.
  • Return all Township property to original areas.
  • Remove all personal property by the end of the period of use.
  • Be responsible for the group’s conduct (groups that abuse the facility or violate rules and regulations will not be issued future permits and will be charged for damages.
  • All normal park and shelter rules and the Rental Permit agreement must be followed.
  • Any unusual equipment or events such as jumping apparatus, dunking machines, animals, etc., must be approved by Genoa Township Maintenance Director prior to the event date.
  • Because the facility is a Township park, walk on use is permitted; however, walk on users must relinquish all facilities to permit holders. Renters should keep a copy of their reservation in the the event of this scenario.
Park Shelters (NOW available for spring / summer 2021 rentals)
Park shelters are available for Genoa Township residents to rent at Center Green, Freeman Road, and Hilmar parks for a $25 fee.  The shelter at McNamara Park can be rented by residents for $30. Fees increase for residents using park shelters for business events. Throughout the winter months, park shelters can be used on a first come - first served basis without reservations or fees. 
 McNamara Park Shelter  McNamara Park 
 Freeman Road Park  Freeman Park
 Center green gazebo  Center Green Park
 IMG_5202  Hilmar Park

Township Hall (Not presently available for rental due to Covid-19)
Residents are able to rent the Township Hall, located at 5111 South Old 3C Highway, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays schedule permitting. Rental hours are 10:00 AM to Midnight.  The main room is 30'x39' and has a maximum capacity of 155 people. 42 tables (six foot length), 71 chairs are available for use. The kitchen is equipped with full size appliances, microwave, and one large coffee pot.  Rental Fee = $100.00  |  Rental Deposit = $100.00

township hall  Township Hall 
Interior photos