Recycling and Trash

Recycling & Trash Services

NOTICE:  Rumpke has requested all materials be set out for collection whether or not they are going to be late. Leave the material out for as long as it takes for Rumpke to collect, even if this means leaving it at the curbside for four days.  If you think your waste/recycling has been missed in error, leave a message with your address for Rumpke at  1-800-828-8171 or email

The Township does not always receive notice when Rumpke service is delayed, but passes along information whenever it is made available. For best results, contact Rumpke directly with service-related concerns by phone 1-800-828-8171 or email


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Curbside recycling and trash hauling is provided through a Township contract with Rumpke Waste and Recycling. Each resident must establish an account with Rumpke and pay a quarterly bill ($16.93 per month) to receive service. A discount is available for seniors and special garage-side collection is available to those with physical limitations.

Red 16 gallon recycling bins are provided at no additional charge and may be requested by contacting the Genoa Township Maintenance Department at 614-568-2080.  

To return a red recycling tote, contact Rumpke customer service and ask for it to be picked up from the curbside. Genoa Township does not dispose or reuse old recycling totes.  

Trash is collected in containers furnished by the resident or plastic bags.

For households with higher volumes of waste, Rumpke rents recycling carts for an additional $2.19 per month and trash carts for $3.29 per month. 

Bulk waste
Bulk waste will be collected by Rumpke, but requires 24 hours advance notice and proper preparation.  Tips for disposal of hazardous waste can be found here and information on yard waste disposal can be found here

Trash and recycling are collected between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. every Friday unless delayed to Saturday by a holiday.

Holidays impacting regular recycling and trash collection schedule:

  • Christmas Day 2020: Friday, December 25
    Collection to occur Saturday, December 26
  • New Years Day 2021: Friday, January 1, 2021
    Collection to occur Saturday, January 2, 2021
  • Memorial Day 2021: Monday, May 31 
    Collection to occur Saturday, June 5
  • Labor Day 2021: Monday, September 6 
    Collection to occur Saturday, September 11
  • Thanksgiving Day 2021: Thursday, November 25
    Collection to occur Saturday, November 27
  • Special Collection Dates:

Drop Box Recycling
A dumpster is available for recycling drop-off at the Maintenance Complex (7049 Big Walnut Road). Bins are typically emptied every Monday and Wednesday. This service is provided free to the public as a result of a grant from the Delaware, Knox, Marion, Morrow Solid Waste District (DKMM) and Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

One dumpster is for paper only. Newspaper, computer, notebook, construction, brown/white grocery bags, mail, etc. All paper goods should be placed in brown paper sacks in the dumpster (no plastic bags are allowed).

What to Recycle (at the curbside or in the drop box)-
Tubs now accepted! (Butter tubs, yogurt containers, fruit cups)
tub recycling
*Note: Rumpke accepts plastic recyclables that are bottle or jug shaped.  All other containers such as butter tubs and yogurt cups are not recyclable despite any marking or number listed on the container. 

Feature Video: Where Genoa waste and recycling goes after leaving the curbside