A-Z Service Index

  • Police

24/7 Safe Room

A secure, bullet-resistant safe room is located just inside the main door of the Genoa Township Police Department for public use 24/7. Read More
  • Utilities

Aggregation (Gas & Electric): Archer Energy

Genoa Township established a contract to leverage the group buying power of its residents and businesses to provide lower gas and electric rates after voter approval for the opt-out program in 2015. Read More
  • Development & Zoning


Many records pertaining to zoning, minutes, and cemeteries can be found archived in the Township's searchable record archive. Read More
  • Fire

Battery Change (Smoke & CO2 Alarms)

The Fire Department will assist with fire and CO2 alarm battery replacement upon request to prevent falls and ensure alarms are working properly. Read More
  • Police

Block Watch

Block watch program available to interested neighborhood associations through the Genoa Township Police Department.  Read More
  • Maintenance

Bulk Waste

Call Rumpke in advance of setting large quantities of trash at the curb for collection to ensure trucks are prepared to accommodate the volume. Read More
  • Maintenance


Genoa Township owns and maintains four cemeteries that hold important historical significance to the community.  Read More
  • Fire

Citizen Fire Academy

Discover how the Fire Department prepares for and responds to emergencies as well as learn how to survive in emergencies. It is not intended to make citizens into firefighters. The experience is educational, fun, and, at times, challenging. Read More
  • Police

Citizen Police Academy

Residents are invited to hear, see and experience the duties of law enforcement.  Read More
  • Communication

Citizen Request Center

Submit questions, concerns, compliments, and complaints to be reviewed by the appropriate department staff.  Read More
  • Communication

Community Calendar

Interactive calendar of community events, public meetings, and trash/recycling collection dates.  Read More
  • Parks

Community Garden

Rentable garden plots at Worthington Gardens. Read More
  • Fire

CPR Certification

CPR certification courses are scheduled upon request for groups or individuals. This service is free to residents. Read More
  • Maintenance

Curbs & Drains

Drainage ditches, catch basins, and downspout connection points within the Public Right of Way are maintained by Genoa Township in order to ensure proper management of stormwater. Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Current Development Projects

Learn about construction projects underway within Genoa Township including those that are under construction, approved (but not yet begun), and pending. Read More
  • Maintenance

Driveway/Apron/Sidewalk Inspection Application (permit)

New or replacement driveways, aprons, and sidewalks must be inspected by the Genoa Township Maintenance Department. Permit fees apply. Read More
  • Maintenance

Drop Box Recycling

In addition to curbside service, dumpsters are available for recycling drop-off at the Maintenance Complex (7049 Big Walnut Road) compliments of DKMM Solid Waste District. Read More
  • Fire

Emergency Medical Services

Genoa Township firefighters are also trained paramedics and respond to medical emergencies within the Township, providing life saving emergency medical services and transportation to area hospitals. Read More
  • Fire

Emergency Response Key Box

In a medical or fire emergency, key boxes allow Genoa Township Fire Department personnel to gain immediate entry into homes to provide life-saving services.  Read More
  • Human Resources


Those interested in a position with the Township may complete an application even if there is not a current open position listed. All applications will be kept on file for one year and considered as opportunities arise. Read More
  • Parks


Genoa Township is known for its family-friendly events including an Egg Hunt, Movie Night, National Night Out, Fishing Day, Fire Prevention Open House, and Trick or Treat Village.  Read More
  • Police

Exchange Zone

24-hour video surveillance has been installed in the parking lot of the Genoa Township Police Department for the purpose of increasing safety for residents who are participating in transactions initiated online.  Read More
  • Parks

Facility Rental

Park shelters and Township Hall are available for rental by Genoa Township residents only.  Read More
  • Police

File a Police Report

Police reports are filed with the local police department where the incident occurred. To file a report, please visit the Police Station or have an officer dispatched to your location by calling 740-833-2800. Read More
  • Fire

File of Life

A miniature medical history is kept in a red plastic sleeve with a magnetic strip for emergency personnel to reference. Read More
  • Fire

Fire Marshal

Fire safety inspections, licensing, investigation, public education, etc Read More
  • Fire

Fire Station Tours & Engine Visits

Genoa Township firefighters educate residents about fire safety through school programming, birthday visits, and station tours.  Read More
  • Police

Golf Cart Inspection

Before operating a golf cart on an authorized Genoa Township roadway, the vehicle must be inspected by the Genoa Township Police Department. Read More
  • Maintenance

Hazardous Waste

Products (such as paints, cleaners, oils, batteries, and pesticides) that contain potentially hazardous ingredients require special care.  Read More
  • Police

Honor Guard

Ceremonial unit to provide funeral honors and serve as guardians of the flag.  Read More
  • Police

K-9 Unit

Rocky has served Genoa Middle School as a therapy K9 beginning in 2021. K9 Maverick began training in November 2022 to prepare to serve students at Westerville Central High School. Read More
  • Communication


A complete list of Township maps displaying a variety of data such as park locations, school district boundaries, zoning districts, etc. Read More
  • Communication


Bi-monthly printed newsletters are sent direct to resident mailboxes. Monthly e-newsletter are sent to registered email addresses monthly.  Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Nuisance Inspection

Request Township staff inspect a potential nuisance as defined and regulated by section 1611 of the Zoning Resolution. Read More
  • Police

Officer Ride-Along

Participants spend time patroling neighborhoods in a cruiser with an Officer. Participants are present as the Officer responds to any service calls including traffic stops. Read More
  • Parks


Genoa Township operates five developed parks, a community garden, a sledding hill and cross-country ski path, and an extensive trail network. Read More
  • Parks

Parks Giving Program

Honor the memory of a loved one, celebrate a special event such as a birth, graduation, engagement, anniversary or recognize a heroic act or accomplishment, or honor a military servicemember. Read More
  • Zoning & Development

Permit Applications

One-stop-shop inventory of Township permits and applications. Read More
  • Police

Pharmaceutical Disposal

Safely dispose of leftover pharmaceuticals, place medication in the secure drop box located in the lobby of the Genoa Township Police Station. Read More
  • Police

Police Station Tours & Officer Visits

Groups are welcome to tour the station with advance approval. Read More
  • Maintenance

Pothole Repair

Identify the location of a pothole for repair. Read More
  • Fiscal

Public Records

Request public records in accordance with Ohio Sunshine Laws. Read More
  • Police

Records Request (Police)

Request accident reports and other public records specific to police business. Read More
  • Parks

Recreational Activities Directory

Find where to enjoy favorite recreational activities in and around Genoa Township using an interactive map or activity directory. Read More
  • Maintenance

Recycling & Trash

Rumpke cost, containers, schedule, bulk waste, collection events, garage-side service, drop box recycling, accepted materials. Read More
  • Fire

Reflective Address Signs

Every second counts in an emergency. Help first responders find your house quickly by labeling it with a reflective address sign. These are especially important for residents living in the more rural portions of Genoa Township. Buy online $10 Read More
  • Maintenance

Removal of Dead Animals

Who to contact to request the removal of dead animals in the public right of way.  Read More
  • Maintenance

Road Construction Updates

Interactive map of announced road construction projects in or near Genoa Township. Read More
  • Police

School Resource Officers

Officers provide a safe school environment and helps to build a positive relationship between students and police. Read More
  • Parks

Sidewalk Construction, Repair and Maintenance

Tree selection, maintenance, and removal expectations. Read More
  • Maintenance


Criteria and procedures for the construction, repair, and replacement of sidewalks, curbs, and gutters in accordance with Ohio Revised Code. Read More
  • Maintenance

Snow Removal

Genoa Township is responsible for clearing 180 lane miles and oftentimes makes at least two passes on each street, doubling their mileage. Live mapping of plowed roads is available during snow events. Read More
  • Communication

Social Media

To receive the most recent news and information from Genoa Township follow along on social media. Read More
  • Police

Traffic Enforcement

 Genoa Township Police actively enforcement traffic laws and aggressively pursue impaired drivers.  Read More
  • Parks


Trails connect through Genoa Township neighborhoods, linking to other central Ohio communities and serving as a portion of the statewide Ohio to Erie Trail. Read More
  • Police

Vacation Home Check

Enjoy vacation knowing that Genoa Township Police are keeping an eye on your property while you're away. Read More
  • Police

Vendor/Solicitor Permit

Genoa Township requires all vendors to register at the Police Station. Read More
  • Communication

Video (YouTube Meeting Recordings & Featured Content)

Live stream and saved recordings on YouTube of select Township meetings in addition to produced videos of featured content. Read More
  • Communication


Volunteers are needed to assist with annual events and special service projects. Also find ways to get involved in community organizations and activities. Read More
  • Police

Women's Self Defense

Offered periodically to discuss risk awareness, risk reduction, crime prevention strategies, and practice hands-on defensive concepts.  Read More
  • Maintenance

Work in the Right of Way (ROW Permit)

Work requiring a permit includes but is not limited to tree removal, sidewalk repairs/replacement, downspout connections/repairs, and driveway repair. Read More
  • Maintenance

Yard Waste

Yard waste is collected as trash destined for the landfill when placed at the curb. Alternatively, self-drop off of material for composting is available.  Read More
  • Development & Zoning

Zoning Enforcement

Request township staff inspect a potential zoning violation including construction without, or contrary to, a zoning permit, impermissible commercial use of property, and improperly parked boats, campers, or trailers. Read More