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The Maintenance Department manages over 90 miles of road, five parks, four cemeteries, and a variety of Township-owned buildings. Regular tasks for the Department include asphalt and concrete repairs, culvert and storm sewer maintenance, removal of fallen trees and debris, roadside mowing, and snow and ice removal.

The Department is organized into three divisions: Buildings and Grounds, Parks, and Roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday Rumpke Collection

Which Rumpke collection days are delayed by holidays?

Rumpke hauls waste for Genoa Township residents and observes the following holidays annually. Service is delayed to Saturday when a holiday falls on a weekday :

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Additionally, the Township reminds residents of these dates via Facebook, the printed newsletter, and an electronic email reminder for those who subscribe.

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Mailbox Replacement

My mailbox was damaged by a snowplow. Will it be replaced?

In the event a mailbox is damaged by a snowplow and is unable to be repaired by the Township, homeowners are eligible for replacement. 

Contact with your name and address.

Missed Rumpke Colleciton

Who do I contact about a missed recycling/trash pick-up and where can I get a new recycling container?

Recycling and trash should be on the curbside by 7:00am the day of collection. If you met this requirement, but your waste was not hauled away by Rumpke, call their customer service line for them to return to your property to remedy the error. 

Rumpke Customer Service:

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Removal of Dead Animals

There is an animal laying along the edge of the road. Will the Township remove it?

The location of the dead animal determines who to call for removal:

  • Within Township public right-of-way call (614) 568-2080. 
  • Within Delaware County public right-of-way only deer will be removed call (740) 833-2400 to request service.
  • On private property residents self-manage disposal.

Right of Way

What is the "ROW" (Right of Way)?

The Right of Way or "ROW" is the term used to describe roadways, sidewalks, streets, and alleys that are owned, or granted by easement, and operated and controlled by a public entity such as Genoa Township or Delaware County. This typically includes the roadway pavement, public sidewalks, multi-use paths, tree lawns, and/or ditches along roadways. The exact width of the right of way varies. It serves as the land necessary to accommodate public transportation and public utility distribution facilities. Residents should not build in these areas without prior authorization from the Genoa Township Maintenance Department; this includes temporary placement of mulch or building materials in the roadway, pouring new driveway aprons, or connecting downspouts to the curb. Complete a Work in the Right of Way permit before beginning any project in an area you suspect to be public right of way. A separate Inspection must be requested if the Right of Way project involves the creation of a new driveway, apron, or sidewalk (fees apply)

Street Sweeping

Do leaves and debris get removed from the gutters?

Streets are swept to clear post-winter debris in the early spring and again in the late fall. Avoid parking at the curb during these periods to ensure all properties receive the service.

Leaves should not be raked into the gutters. Street sweeping will not clear this amount of debris.  Additionally, leaves can clog stormdrains and contribute to neighborhood flooding.  Learn about leaf disposal options.

Street Trees

Can I cut down a tree in the tree lawn?

Removal of dying street trees located within the Township right of way will be completed by the Maintenance Department upon request using the Right of Way Permit application; however, grinding of the stump is not provided.

The Township does not replace street trees. If the approved neighborhood development plan specified street trees would be planted, property owners are expected to plant a replacement. 

The Township maintains a list of recommended tree species. Check with the Development and Zoning Department and your homeowner's association (if applicable) to see if any further rules or restrictions apply.

Utility Flags

I see utilities being marked with flags. What is going on?

Utility and telecommunication companies place flags to locate underground lines, designate survey markings, and/or identify excavation areas. This is often done in response to an 8-1-1 request. The Township is often not privy to the reasons for such requests. This is because the requests are sent through, or reviewed by, the Township. To find out why flags are being placed, a resident can either:

1) Download the Ohio Public Utilities (OHIO811) smartphone app and click on 'Near Tickets" to view any 8-1-1 ticket requests within 2,000 feet of their cell phone's current location; or

2) Call the Ohio Utilities Protection Service at 800-362-2764 to identify who had an area marked and for what purpose.    

Flags marking service lines are color-coded as follows:

Red - Electric power lines, cables, conduit and lighting cables
Yellow - Gas, oil, steam, petroleum or gaseous materials
Orange - Communication, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduit
Blue - Potable water
Purple - Reclaimed water, irrigation and slurry lines
Green - Sewers and drain lines
Pink - Temporary survey markings
White - Proposed excavating