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Administer and enforce the Genoa Township's Zoning Resolution, the document that controls and coordinates land use. In addition, staff facilitates comprehensive planning efforts, maintains zoning records, issues permits, and documents nuisance conditions.

What is Zoning?
Zoning is among the powers given to townships by the state (ORC Chapter 519) to regulate land use and development to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Frequently Asked Questions*

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Data & Statistics

What is the population of Genoa Township?

Population, demographic, and other statistical data related to development and zoning can be found on the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission (DCRPC) website.


I want to install or widen a driveway; how do I proceed?

Zoning permits are not required for the installation or expansion of driveways, though the Township does stipulate that driveways must be set back at least 2-feet from any property line and must not result in a property exceeding any established impervious surface coverage maximums for the lot. Driveways accessing Township-owned roads require a Work in the Right-of-Way permit from the Genoa Township Maintenance Department.

Driveways opening onto a road not owned by the Township may require a permit or approval from the entity or agency owning said road. Please contact the respective department, entity, or agency to determine what permits or approvals may be needed.


What is an easement on my property?

Easements are put in place when a property is platted to establish the legal right for certain government agencies and/or utility providers to place, access, maintain, and restrict improvements over top of or underneath their infrastructure at any given time (i.e. sewer, water, drainage, gas, electric, and telecommunications). 

Property owners still own and are responsible for the land within these easements.

Zoning permit applications seeking to erect buildings or structures within an easement may need to include proof of approval for said improvement from the agency controlling the easement in order for a permit to be approved.


Is a permit necessary for a fence?

Yes, a zoning permit is required to install any fence not directly related to a legitimate agricultural practice. If you wish to install a fence, please complete, sign, and date a Residential Improvement Application and submit it, along with the fees and documents specified in the application packet, to the Development and Zoning department for review. The base zoning requirements for fences can be found in Article 20, Section 2002.03 of the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution.

Home Owners or Condo Association Approval

Do I need approval from my owners association to get a zoning permit?

No, covenants and deed restrictions are considered private law and are not enforced by Genoa Township. However, the township certainly recommends that a property owner check with their plan’s governing board prior to submitting an application to determine if the desired improvement is permitted. Some neighborhoods do prohibit improvements that are otherwise permitted by the Township's Zoning Resolution.


Can I keep farm animals on my property?

Yes, the keeping of traditional livestock (horses, chickens, etc) is generally permitted. The Township does not typically regulate the number of animals that may be kept on a property; however, accessory structures or buildings related to the keeping of said animals may be required and/or regulated.

Agriculture, agritourism, and farm markets are exempt from local zoning altogether in certain instances under the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). The zoning department does not enforce or interpret the ORC nor can it advise an individual of their rights under the ORC. Legal advice can only be provided by an attorney. Additional information regarding exempt and non-exempt agricultural practices can be found in the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution, Article 17, Sections 1714 - 1716.

Property owners are advised to check applicable covenants or deed restrictions prior to obtaining chickens as such provisions typically are stricter on this matter.

Property owners should also keep in mind that they may be responsible and/or liable for the noises and actions of their chickens as well as any damage that they may cause.

If you wish to make the Township aware that you are operating an exempt agricultural operation, agritourism operation, and/or farm market operation, as defined by the ORC, you may complete and submit the optional Agricultural Exemption Statement form to the Township at no cost.

Lot Survey

Where can I find a copy of my lot survey?

Lot surveys are often provided to an owner at the time a property is sold; however, should you need a copy, the Development and Zoning office may have one on file if a zoning permit has been issued for that property. If you are unable to locate one in our online archive, please feel free to contact us.

Should you be unable to find any records for your property, real estate and personal property records, such as deeds, mortgages, and subdivision plats, may be found on file with the Delaware County Recorder.

Site Drainage

My property is not draining properly; who can help?

Residents with concerns about flooding/drainage should contact the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District. A trained inspector from the District can come out to your property, evaluate the situation, and advise as to what can be done to fix the problem; however, they cannot force a neighboring property owner to remedy a drainage problem. Private disputes are handled by the court system. Alternatively, a petition, pursuant to Section 6131 of the Ohio Revised Code, can be filed with the County requesting that the County Commissioners take action on behalf of a landowner.

Nuisance Complaint

How do I submit a poorly maintained property for code violations?

Complaints regarding tall grass, junk, illegal outdoor storage, improper use, and unauthorized construction, should be submitted to the Development and Zoning office. Inspectors will investigate and respond, if necessary.

Genoa Township does not have a property maintenance code; therefore, the Development and zoning office can only enforce any restrictions established within the Zoning Resolution. Nuisances, as defined and regulated by state law, can only be declared by the Township Trustees. 

Please be advised that the name and any contact information recorded by the Township when the complaint is received are generally considered a public record. Such information is discoverable by anyone who makes a public records request per state law. Complaints may be filed anonymously without providing your name or contact information; however, the Township will be unable to contact you with any follow-up information pertaining to its investigation.

Other common complaints: 
  • Noise or Barking Dogs
    The Township's Noise Resolution and Barking Dogs Resolution are enforced by the Genoa Township Police Department.
  • Parked vehicles
    Genoa Township Police Department or, in some instances, the Genoa Township Fire Marshal, are the appropriate entity to determine whether a vehicle is legally parked. 

Permit Review Period

How long will it take to receive my zoning permit?

The Genoa Township Development and Zoning office does not review walk-in applications on the spot and cannot guarantee same-day or same-week permit issuance for any application. Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis, regardless of the scope or scale of the project. The Township tries to respond to all application submissions within 72-hours but may take up to 30 days to render a decision per the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution. Response times may be delayed by incomplete submissions, holidays, staffing levels, or other unforeseen circumstances. As such, the Township advises that applications be submitted several weeks prior to the desired project start time, especially for projects which will also require a building permit from Delaware County and/or approval from any other agency/agencies. The most common cause for the delay of permittance issuance is applicants not providing required components and/or information in their submission. Incomplete applications may be rejected and returned.

Subdividing & Lot Splits/Consolidations/Revisions/Transfers

What steps are required for splitting a lot (or otherwise changing the dimensions of a parcel)?

While subdivisions, lot splits, lot consolidations, and lot transfers must comply with Township zoning, such processes are administrated by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission (DCRPC). Information about how to complete such processes can be found on the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission website. Questions about the process should be directed to DCRPC. Questions about zoning requirements may be directed to the Development and Zoning office.

Swimming Pool

What are the zoning requirements for a swimming pool?

A zoning permit must be obtained for any swimming pool which is permanently affixed to the ground and has a water depth of 18-inches or deeper. Specific regulations for such pools can be found in Article 17, Section 1709 of the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution. Please note that while the Delaware County Department of Building Safety accepts automatic pool covers in lieu of a fence for access control, the Township currently does not. Any pool requiring a zoning permit must provide the required fence specified within the Zoning Resolution.

The following types of swimming pools do not require zoning permits and are not required to adhere to the standards set forth in Article 17, Section 1709 of the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution:

  • Pools which are not permanently affixed to the ground
  • Pools with a water depth of less than 18-inches
  • Hot tubs and other similar types of spa pools with lockable cover
Individuals living within a homeowner's association should always check with their association prior to installing a swimming pool of any type to verify it is permitted. Some associations have additional restrictions or prohibitions regarding pools, especially above-ground pools.


Why permit new developments that contribute to traffic congestion?

The Board of Trustees' decision regarding a re-zoning or development plan/amendment proposal, under Ohio law, is fundamentally a decision on land use and site design, not traffic management, volumes, or road access.

Most major roadways in the Township are owned and maintained by Delaware County (Engineer's Office) or the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Jurisdiction over new driveways, new intersections, and improvements on roads, including locations, designs, and signage/striping, rests with the corresponding agency.

The Delaware County Engineer also serves as the Township's engineer. Traffic studies are typically only required by the County during the zoning process when new access is being proposed or when the existing land use is substantially changing. The scope of said study, as well as review and approval, is also administered by the Engineer's office in accordance with their regulations.

Zoning Districts

What is my property zoned?

The designation of each property is displayed on the Zoning Map. The regulations for each zoning district can be found in the Genoa Township Zoning Resolution.