Container Options

blue recycling cart rendering

  1. Blue 64-gallon Recycling Cart: Blue carts were sold temporarily in 2021 and 2022 and are no longer available.  Blue carts continue to be serviced at the curbside by Rumpke.

  2. Red 16-galred recycling open binlon recycling bins are being discontinued and will be collected when placed at the curbside beginning in fall 2023. To replace the red bins, each Rumpke customer will receive one free green recycling cart. Residents are welcome to keep red totes for other uses or to transport materials to the recycling dumpster located at the Maintenance facility.

    To return a red recycling tote, simply leave it at the curbside on collection day. Genoa Township does not dispose of or reuse old recycling totes.

  3. green recycling cart rumpke rentalGreen 65 or 95-gallon recycling carts are automatically being delivered to each customer to replace red 16-gallon recycling bins November 6-17, 2023. Customers who already have a blue or green recycling cart will not receive another cart unless they call to request this from Rumpke Customer Service. Every customer is entitled to one free green recycling cart. 

  4. Trash is collected in containers furnished by the resident, plastic bags, or rented from Rumpke. 

    For households with higher volumes of waste, Rumpke offers brown trash cart rental: 65-gallon carts cost an additional $2.19 per month and 95-gallon for $3.29 per month (price increases to $3.50 in February 2024).

Can I use my blue or green cart for trash?
Cart colors help Rumpke workers quickly identify which households have placed recycling at the curb for collection. Relabeling carts intended for recycling may result in loads of recycling being contaminated with your trash. Residents can help ensure their collected materials make it to the sorting facility and onto a manufacturer to be recycled by following the community color palette: 

container color guideline