Resident Survey 3

Resident Survey: Parks & Trails
Which Genoa Township parks have you visited within the past 12 months?
(Select all that apply.)
 McNamara Park
 Center Green Park
 Hilmar Park
 Freeman Road Park
 Jaycox Road Park (Sledding Hill)
 Community Hall Park
 Worthington Road Park (Community Garden)
 Genoa/Ohio to Erie Trail 
 I have not visited a Township park within the past 12 months.

How often do you use your favorite/closest park in Genoa Township?

What is your overall opinion of the condition of Genoa Township parks?  (Select a response from the drop down menu below.)

Why do you visit Genoa Township parks? (Select all that apply.)
 I do not visit Genoa Township parks
 Close to home/residence
 Relaxation/Stress management
 Athletics/Sports practice
 Nature/Wildlife viewing
 Spending time with family/friends
 Attend Township events (i.e. Movie Nights, Fishing Day)
 Activity with children
 Shelter house rentals

What are some reasons why you choose not to use Genoa Township parks for your recreation?  (Select all that apply.)
 Team sports scheduled at other venues
 Personal schedule is too busy
 Parks are over crowded
 Don't know what parks are Township owned
 Lack of programs and events
 Necessary equipment or facility is not available
 Use services of other agencies (City of westerville, schools, private gyms, etc)
 Safety concerns
 Maintenance concerns
 Lack of ADA accessibility
 Lack of sidewalk/trails to the park

What are your top 3 priorities for any Genoa Township parks? 
Priority 1: 
Priority 2: 
Priority 3: 
Other- If your priorities were not listed on the tabs above, please explain:  

Comments:  Please note any ideas for improvement to the features, services, or programming in Genoa Township parks.