Stop Signs Unwarranted

Stop Signs Unwarranted
In response to a Request for Engineering Assistance (REA) from the Township, the Delaware County Engineer's Office has submitted the results of a study of the existing stop signs located at the following intersections:

  • Saint Andrews Drive at Frasier Road
  • Somerset Avenue at Gainey Court and Annandale Court
  • Hilmar Drive at Grisham Street
  • Hilmar Drive at Pine Hollow Drive
  • Spring Run Drive at Chateau Lane South was included in error. The intended location, Spring Run Drive at Dunaway Lane, has been resubmitted to the Delaware County Engineer for review.
The study concluded that each of the intersections (except Spring Run/Chateau) has unwarranted stop signs due to the unmet traffic volumes required by the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Traffic control devices must be uniform (ORC 4511.11) to ensure drivers know how to safely operate in any jurisdiction across the state or country.  An unwarranted traffic control device cannot legally be enforced by police nor can liability be determined in the event of an accident.   

As a result, it has been recommended that Genoa Township remove the stop signs that had been installed in error many years ago as a misguided traffic calming measure. There is no definitive date for the removal of the stop signs due to the number of tasks that need to occur prior to removal including: 

  • Working with neighborhood leaders to determine whether an alternative traffic calming measure can be utilized to prevent speeding and ensure safe pedestrian crossings.
  • Results of the Request for Engineering Assistance will need to be resubmitted to the Board of Trustees for the Spring Run Drive at Dunaway Lane location due to a clerical error in the original request which instead listed Spring Run Drive at Chateau Lane South. 
  • A sign indicating a traffic pattern change will be posted for 30 days.
  • Advisory signs will be added indicating that "Cross Traffic Does Not Stop" and "Traffic Pattern Change Ahead"
  • Stop bars will be removed. 
 Stop Sign Removal Locations:

Police Enforcement:

  • Enforcement of speeds is conducted regularly, and citations are issued when appropriate. Additional special attention will be given to the neighborhoods being impacted by the stop sign removal. For example, average monthly enforcement between May-November resulted in 22 traffic stops on Mt. Royal Avenue.
  • Driver feedback signs, also known as "Your Speed" radar display signs are deployed upon request. The presence of the sign slows driving speeds as well as records data such as date/time, average speed, and maximum speed. View a sample data collected from August at the Collingwood and Hilmar (southbound) intersection.
Engineered solutions- Alternatives to stop signs:

Crossing Devices similar to the "Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons" recently installed on Mt. Royal help provide a safer crossing for pedestrians.

Traffic calming is the term engineers use to describe methods that can be used to slow the speed of vehicles along a roadway.  
  • Speed bumps are a well-known traffic calming measure but failed on Hilmar Drive in the past due to the noise of passing cars and the impact on emergency vehicles. 
  • Surface treatment: Changes in pavement color or texture can slow vehicles.
  • The width of a roadway correlates with the speed of traffic. Wider roads encourage higher speeds. Narrowing a roadway with strategies such as sidewalk extensions, landscaping, bikeways, striping, and on-street parking have been shown to reduce traffic speed.
    • Raised medians reduce the width of the road while also providing a safe refuge for pedestrians as they make their way across the street, splitting up the width of the street into two shorter crossings. 
This list of solutions is shown to demonstrate a variety of methods used in traffic engineering. Each option is site-specific and must undergo a thorough review to determine feasibility.

Public Input: The Township is eager to hear from residents regarding the solutions they think will best fit their neighborhoods, please use the form below to submit your comments. (UPDATE: Survey now closed 12/28)