2023 Park Levy Renewal

Thank you, voters! Unofficial results provided by the Delaware County Board of Elections show voters in the November 7, 2023 election have passed the Genoa Township Parks Levy (64.18%). View the unofficial results.


Proposed Tax Levy 
Genoa Township
A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

A renewal of a tax for the benefit of Genoa Township for the purpose of parks and recreational purposes that the county auditor estimates will collect $682,000 annually, at a rate not exceeding 0.6 mill for each $1 of taxable value, which amounts to $19 for each $100,000 of the county auditor's appraised value, for 5 years, commencing in 2023, first due in calendar year 2024.

Township parks were historically funded through the General Fund until 2021 after voters approved the Township's first-ever Parks and Trails Levy in November 2020. Before a levy was in place, park improvements were limited as they contributed to a declining balance in the General Fund. Transferring the expenses of the parks to a special revenue fund simultaneously extended the General Fund while increasing investment in township parks. 

At the time the original Parks Levy was passed, the Fire Department and Police Department levies were fine-tuned based on a thorough review of the operating budget from the previous five years. By reducing the Fire and Police levies as part of a cooperative effort, Township leaders were able to avoid proposing any additional tax millages by applying the savings to a new parks fund. 

Voters approved the 2020 Parks Levy and, as a result, the General Fund stabilized. The General Fund is used to pay for the operations of the administration which includes the township administrator, human resources, zoning and development, communications, and parks. Occasionally, it is also transferred to other funds to pay for unbudgeted departmental needs.  

The development and care of Township parks are controlled by the Genoa Township Board of Trustees based upon the recommendations of the members of the Parks Advisory Committee and in partnership with the Maintenance Director.  

Meetings are open to the public and include an opportunity for guests to speak. 

The Parks Advisory Committee created the 2020 Parks and Trails Master Plan after extensive research into service gaps, resident preferences/surveys, and data regarding visitation. The planning process served as a vital step to create a unified, aspirational vision to work toward including action steps to consider as resources become available. 

The 2020 Park Levy was the reason for a multitude of park improvements both directly and indirectly. The renewed focus and dedication to parks contributed to the Township's success in receiving park investments in the form of state grants and TIF funds, where appropriate. 

Park improvement summary: 
park improvements

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Ballot Detail

What is the levy rate?
A renewal of 0.6 mill for each $1 of taxable value, which amounts to $19 for each $100,000 of the county auditor's appraised value.
What is the length of the levy?
5 years

Township Finances

Does the Township seek grant funding for park projects?
Yes, the Township has been successful in receiving a variety of grants in the past three years. For example, grants were used to fund improvements at Freeman Park, move old Township Hall, and purchase poles for Fishing Day. Additionally, TIF funding was used to make the new Gateway Park a reality.
Why not use other funds?
Each department's expenses must be paid for using their voter-approved levy fund. When a department does not have a levy, its work is supported using the General Fund. The budget within the General Fund cannot support the ongoing maintenance and improvement of Genoa Township Parks.  The General Fund was being depleted prior to 2020 and it was for this reason the Park Levy was put before voters to consider. 
What is the Park Levy used for?
Personnel, maintenance, equipment, and improvements.
What happens if the levy fails?
Genoa Township would use its General Fund to do minimal maintenance care of existing parks as it did prior to the levy in 2020.  

Park Management

Why do projects take so long to complete?
The same staff who are paving your roads are also improving the parks. The advantage of using in-house labor is completing more projects with the available funding. Hiring contractors would be a faster alternative, but more expensive. 
Who decides which improvements will be made?
After gaining resident input in 2020, the Parks Advisory Committee wrote a Parks and Trails Master Plan that describes the future vision for each Township park property. This plan was adopted by the Board of Trustees and is referenced often by the Maintenance Director and Parks Advisory Committee as they implement the plan. Available budget, grant funding opportunities, and public demand all factor into which projects are chosen to be addressed first.