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Does Genoa Township collect income tax?

How are my property taxes spent?

Can I opt out of the printed Township newsletter?

I do not receive a printed newsletter in my mailbox. How can I be added to the mailing list?

How can I receive the township newsletter via email?

I would like to request a link or information be added to the website.

How do I ensure I receive emergency communications?

How can I contact a Trustee or staff member directly?

Are fireworks permitted in Genoa Township?

Can I burn brush in Genoa Township

Will the Fire Department bring a truck to a community event, block party or birthday party?

Does Genoa Township offer car seat inspections?

My fire alarms are too high to reach. How can I change the battery?

There are no jobs currently posted. May I submit an application now for consideration at a later time?

How do I reserve a park shelter?

Can I ride a motorized vehicle in the park or on the trail?

Can I keep a fish I catch in the pond at Hilmar Park or Center Green Park?

Can I schedule my sports team to play on Genoa Township park property

I see utilities being marked with flags. What is going on?

Does the Township maintain a list of permitted street tree species?

Who is responsible for street tree removal and replacement along the curb?

There is a dead deer/other animal on the side of the road. Who do I contact to have it removed?

Who do I contact about a missed recycling/trash pick-up and where can I get a new recycling container?

Which recycling/trash collection dates will be impacted by holidays?