Appointment Application Submission

Applications due January 15, 2019
Submit the form below, including attachments, by January 15, 2019 to be considered to fill a vacancy on a Genoa Township committee or board with a term beginning in April of 2019.
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On which board(s) are you interested in serving?

 Zoning Commission     
 Board of Zoning Appeals
 Finance Advisory Committee    
 Audit Advisory Committee  
 Investment Committee
 Fire/EMS/Rescue Advisory Committee    
 Police Advisory Committee   
 Parks Advisory Committee
 Other (please explain): 

Please summarize any prior Township involvement (limit 500 characters):

If seeking reappointment, when were you originally appointed on this board?

Submitting a resume is required and should include a listing of relevant certifications, affiliations, employment, and educational experience.  Cover letters and references are not needed.  Attachment file names should include the applicants first and last name and be formatted as a pdf.  
By submitting this application, if appointed, I agree to comply with applicable state ethics laws and to ensure all functions of the board are held in accordance with the Ohio Sunshine Law. I shall make every effort to attend all meetings of the board faithfully through the tenure of my term or otherwise notify the chair of the board of my expected absence prior to the meeting. I agree to serve in the best interest of the residents of Genoa Township.