Police Record Request

Before Submitting Your Request:

  1. Individuals are NOT required to provide a name or contact information to request a public record in the State of Ohio. Providing contact information enables the Township to contact you if additional information is needed to process the request. If choosing to remain anonymous, call Genoa Police during business hours to make the request.
  2. Public records requests will be made available within a prompt and reasonable period of time (R.C. 149.43(b)(1)).  "Prompt" and "Reasonable" will be determined by the volume, location where the records are stored, and the necessity for any legal review.  Call Genoa Police during business hours with questions regarding this process.
  3. Reports can be sent via email or faxed at no charge, or can be picked up at the Police Station at the cost of 5 cents per page (for each page beyond 25).
  4. Photographs are available on CD for $1.00 per CD.
  5. If the report or communication from the office has not been received within seven business days, call during business hours to confirm the request was received.
Note: All records requests could themselves be subject to release upon the proper submission of a request for public records pursuant to O.R.C. Section 149.43, Ohio's Public Records Act.