Name Term Expiration
Patrick Hickman 3/31/2021
Dan Edwards 3/31/2021
Phil Gullatta 3/31/2021
Kyle Heichel 3/31/2021
Larry King 3/31/2021
Jeff Martin 3/31/2021
Ullrich C. Mayeski 3/31/2021
Art Reitz 3/31/2021
Rick Stose 3/31/2021
Richard Caster 3/31/2019
Stephen Ciacchi 3/31/2019
Charles Moore 3/31/2019
James G. Randas 3/31/2019
Belinda Reed 3/31/2019
Lisa Turner 3/31/2019
Karl Gebhardt Trustee liasion 
Steve Gammill, Police Chief (non-voting)

If you are a Township resident and are interested in serving on the Police Advisory Committee, please submit a completed application online.