The Genoa Trail is a 4-mile asphalt multi-purpose trail that parallels the eastern edge of State Route 3 on an abandoned railroad. The trail is sheltered by a canopy of aged trees and vegetation that separates it from the traffic of State Route 3 and the adjacent properties. There are benches, mile-markers, and a bicycle repair station along the trail that provide extra amenities for users. Genoa Township has provided pedestrian and bicycle connections to the trail and continues to look for new ways to improve access.

The trail also functions as a part of the Ohio to Erie Trail, connecting Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland to one another. As such, the Ohio to Erie Trail has been marked as State Bike Route 1. In the near future, the trail will also be co-designated US Bike Route 21 and function as part of an interstate bicycle route that will connect Atlanta to Cleveland.

The trail also provides access to US Bike Route 50 and US Bike Route 50A via its connection to the Westerville trail system. US Bike Route 50 currently runs from Terre Haute, Indiana to Steubenville, Ohio. Future plans for this route envision a cross-country trail running from San Francisco to Washington D.C. US Bike Route 50A is an alternative scenic route to US Bike Route 50 between Westerville and Alexandria, Ohio.

Other trails in the Township loop through parks and connect neighborhoods to destinations. In total there are 19.5 miles of trail in Genoa Township.