Freeman Road Park

young girl runs across playground
Freeman Road Park is 6.7 acres and features a shelter house with free wifi provided by Westerville Public Library, picnic tables and grills, restroom, a playground, sandpit excavation toy, athletic fields, basketball courts (adult and children's sized hoops) and a 1/3 mile loop trail featuring a 'Born Learning Trail' made up of activity stations to help parents engage children in interactive games. Parking is available for park users and those accessing the trail connection linking Freeman Park to the Genoa Trail/Ohio to Erie Trail. 

Renovations were completed in 2022 with the addition of a ninja-style playground and ADA accessible playground surfacing.  Park renovations were funded through a grant from the State of Ohio.

The shelter house at Freeman Park is available for rental.

Public WIFI Access compliments of Westerville Public Library
Free Wi-Fi Compliments of Westerville Public Library green sign, white letters
wi-fi access in the parks - select your network screenshot select WPL_Wifi_At_the_park