Helpful Links

Helpful Links
Organization Duties Phone
Ohio Utilities Protection Service Communication link between utility companies and individuals planning any digging activity (800)-362-2764
Ohio Department of Transportation District 6 Construction, maintenance, and plowing of state-owned roads and bridges (State Route 3) (800)-372-7714
Delaware County Engineer's Office Construction, maintenance, and plowing, of county-owned roads and bridges (Worthington, South Old 3C Hwy., Sunbury, Tussic Street, Lewis Center, Rome Corners, Red Bank, Harlem, Africa), civil engineering, traffic management, addresses (740)-833-2400
Rumpke Curbside recycling and trash collection (800)-828-8171
Delaware Knox Marion Morrow Solid Waste District Manage the District's current and long-term solid waste disposal needs in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner while reducing reliance on landfills by implementing waste reduction, reuse, and recycling strategies. (740)-393-4600
Price Farms Organic Year-round yard waste drop-off, composting