Emergency Response Key Box

Emergency Response Key Box

key lock box In a medical or fire emergency, it is necessary for Genoa Township Fire Department personnel to gain immediate entry into homes to provide life-saving services.  To avoid the need for emergency responders to force entry, residents are urged to purchase a locked key box.

Genoa Township Fire Department has partnered with the Roper Lock Box, LLC to give emergency responders the access they need without the security risks of hiding a key outside.  The Roper Over-The-Door Key Box is installed simply without the need for tools. A key to the property is secured inside the box accessible only to emergency responders.

Lock boxes may be purchased by residents for $30.95 at the Fire Station located at 7049 Big Walnut Road.  Please bring a spare house key when you go to purchase the lock box in order for staff to secure the key to the property inside.  

Why install a lock box?

  • Caller cannot physically get to the door to allow emergency responders to enter. 
  • A monitored fire alarm system is activated while the property owner is away.
  • The property is inadvertently locked with the keys inside.