Planning & Zoning
Zoning is an exercise of a local government's police power. The purpose of this power is to promote and protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the community as a whole. Zoning assists in achieving these goals by regulating the way land in the Township is used and developed. The authority for Township's to enact and enforce zoning, as well as the restrictions to said power, are primarily established within, and derived from, Title 5, Chapter 519 of the Ohio Revised Code. 

In order to establish zoning regulations, a comprehensive land use plan is first created. The comprehensive plan is a "big picture" land use document that researches and analyzes the Township's physical conditions, demographics, economics, traffic patterns, and public opinions in order to establish a vision for the future. The plan includes general guidelines, recommendations, and goals intended to help make the community's vision a reality. Once the  comprehensive plan is adopted, zoning districts and regulations consistent with the plan are drafted and codified in a legally enforceable Zoning Resolution.

Subdivisions & Lot Splits/Consolidations/Revisions/Transfers

While subdivisions, lot splits, lot consolidations, and lot transfers must comply with Township zoning, such processes are administrated by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission (DCRPC). Information about how to complete such processes can be found here. Questions about the process should be directed to DCRPC. Questions about zoning requirements may be directed to the Development and Zoning office.

Data & Statistics

Population, demographic, and other statistical data related to development and zoning can be found on the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission (DCRPC) website. Information on current projects being constructed within the Township can be found here.