Zoning FAQs

If you have a question that does not appear in the list below, please contact the Zoning Office at Zoning@GenoaTwp.com or 614-899-0725.

I see utilities being marked with flags. What is going on?

What is my property zoned?

How do I split or subdivide my property?

What developments are being planned or built?

I am concerned about a property. What can I do about it?

What are the township's rules regarding noise?

My property has drainage problems. What can be done?

Who do I talk to about cars and other items parked on the street?

Why is zoning allowing all this traffic?

Can I keep livestock on my property?

Where can I get a copy of my lot survey?

I have an easement on my property. What does that mean?

I would like to install or widen a driveway. What do I need to do?

Do I need a zoning permit to install a fence?

What are the zoning requirements for swimming pools?

Do I need approval from  my homeowner's or condominium association to get a zoning permit?

How long will it take for my zoning permit application to be reviewed?

Are marijuana cultivating, dispensing, and/or processing businesses allowed in Genoa Township?