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Archived Records

Click Here to Access the Genoa Township Archive 

1. Narrow your search by choosing the correct record category via the Search Type drop-down:

  • Cemeteries = Deeds for cemetery lots
  • Trustees Files = Board of Trustees meeting minutes and adopted resolutions
  • Address Files = Zoning violation and public nuisance records
  • BZA Files = Records pertaining to administrative appeals, conditional uses, and variances as well as Board of Zoning Appeals meeting minutes
  • ZC Files = Records pertaining to re-zonings, development plans, and plan amendments as well as Zoning Commission meeting minutes
  • Zoning Permits = Zoning permit records and certificates of compliance

2. For all date fields, the proper search format is mm/dd/yyyy

3. *Asterisks* around a search term find that term where is part of the data field (e.g *fence* will return results for all documents which contain the word fence in that specific field).

4. Entering an asterisk (*) into a field and clicking search will return all records with data in that field.

5. To open a document in a new window, click the arrow icon.

6. Records are subject to Genoa Township's Public Records Retention Schedule - some may not be available online or may no longer exist. For assistance contact: 

  • Address, Board of Zoning Appeals, Zoning Commission, or Zoning Permit records: Development and Zoning office - Zoning@GenoaTwp.com or 614.899.0725
  • Cemetery or Trustees records: Fiscal office - 614.568.2023